Song of the Day #28 Greetings, Deceiving, and Goodbye

Song of the Day #28 Greetings, Deceiving, and Goodbye Click link for free download…/greetings-deceiving-and-go…


First she bats her lashes
Her eyes are just for you
Then she licks her ipper lip 
Just like striippers do
Then she slips a finger
Into a crease in your jeans
Lighting up the pleasure zone in your brain
By simply touching your knee

Love is a three stage rocket
Pulls us out of our socket
Kick yourself wonder why
Its always greetings, deceiving, and goodbye

Later you receive a phone call
Telling you she will be late
Saying dont bother to wait up for me
You tell her you will wait
When she arrives in the morning
With her blouse askew
You ask where have you been all night
She anwers Whats it to you

Repeat chorus

Six guys are in your apartment
Packing up all of her stuff
When you get in their way
They rough you up
They kick you till you are uconscious
Then strip the room til it is bare
When you get up on your feet again
Nothing is left of her there

Repeat chorus

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